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Cut back on the tough decisions.

Equip your nonprofits to move from

donation-driven to financially sustainable.

Then… enjoy the freedom to

expand your philanthropic impact.

Reduced tough decisions

More sustainable nonprofits means fewer grant requests for daily operations

Expanded portfolio

Reduced need from legacy organizations opens the door to funding new opportunities

Freedom to explore

Dream big, give beyond the grant, and transform your community

Do you or your colleagues ...

      • find your Foundation leaves good opportunities on the table because of the overwhelming number of requests?
      • feel the pressure of available grant dollars limited by legacy programs – long time recipients dependent on your funding?
      • struggle with far more need in the community than your Foundation can support?


We understand.

Leading a foundation is not easy

It comes with its share of challenges and responsibilities, particularly in smaller communities where your foundation may be among the few in the region.  Civic, community, and nonprofit leaders look to you and your institution to fund initiatives from basic human needs to multimillion-dollar community enhancements.

Despite the external perception of unlimited resources, when it comes to awarding grants, you and your board are often confronted with tough decisions, weighing the continuation of longstanding programs against supporting new opportunities that address emerging needs.

We've seen your challenges

…  the perpetual tension between addressing community needs and maximizing the impact of your grant dollars. That’s why we’ve introduced the SUSTAIN Initiative.

Leveraging our deep understanding of nonprofit leadership and incorporating proven entrepreneurial practices, we aim to assist nonprofit leaders in developing innovative business models.

These models are designed to reduce organizations’ dependence on donations, providing you and your foundation the flexibility to expand your philanthropic influence.

We can help you grow your impact

When a nonprofit consistently relies on your foundation to fund a substantial portion or the entirety of its annual budget, it creates an unwinnable situation.

Reducing the nonprofit’s grants may lead to program closures and staff layoffs.  Unlimited funding, on the other hand, hinders the foundation’s ability to invest in new opportunities.

Equipping nonprofit leaders with the tools to transition toward financial sustainability lays the groundwork for growth and scalability, benefiting nonprofits, foundations, and the communities they serve.

Are your nonprofit leaders too busy to work on sustainability?

We suggest you ask them.

Waiting until a nonprofit organization has limited cash on hand is simply too late.

Every day spent working on a new business model is one day closer to sustainability.

Start your path to greater impact today.

Together we’ll discover the programs

and opportunities that best meet

your foundation’s goals and community’s needs.

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