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The Shift

Embrace the shift.

When you adopt a sustainability mindset, you begin to look beyond philanthropy to support your nonprofit’s mission.

You move from doing more with less to setting your sights on what your nonprofit really needs to create impact.

You grow as a leader – opening your mind to new ideas as you set your sights on financial freedom.


When you participate in The Shift, you...

    • Discover your sustainability target

    • Build your value map

    • Develop your sustainability story

    • Take action

Our commitment to action.

We’ve all been there.  A consulting firm donates their services to you and your team.  You create a master plan to expand a program, rebrand your organization, or grow your fund raising.

You return to the office and your pretty plan takes a prominent place on a shelf in your office.  You simply don’t have the time to develop the strategy created during your pro bono session.

At the SUSTAIN Initiative, we understand the time it takes to run your organizaton.  That’s why we help you balance your big dreams with manageable steps that start you on your path to sustainability.

Say goodbye to unwieldy plans.  Embrace The Shift and take action today.

Program Highlights

Target Audience

Nonprofit executive leaders open to advanced ideas

Time Commitment

Five one-hour video conference calls held over six weeks, with a little homework in between calls


Limited complimentary spaces are available thanks to a generous sustainability funder

Getting started is easy.

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