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The Introduction

You know your community best.

That’s why we start our work with an introduction to the community from a trusted leader within the community.

We take time to listen and learn about your region’s ecosystem, major initiatives, challenges, and aspirations.

We bring education and tools for funders and nonprofit leaders, increasing awareness of the impact sustainability can have across entire communities.

Our structured process incorporates stakeholder interviews, surveys, and group education opportunities.  We capture:

  • nonprofit and funder interest in sustainability
  • volunteer culture and capacity
  • community equity goals

Deliverables throughout the 12-week program include:

  • education
  • tools
  • Sustainability Readiness Assessment

Program Overview

Target Participants

Stakeholders that include: funders, nonprofits, impact organizations, nonprofit support services, equity leaders

Time Commitment

Stakeholder interviews are typically no longer than one hour; group education sessions are ninety minutes


The structured process is designed to be conducted over a 12-week period,  contingent upon the funder’s schedule and stakeholder availability


Initial stakeholder interviews are conducted remotely. Education sessions and select constituent meetings are held in-person.

Getting started is easy.

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