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About The SUSTAIN Journey

Better fundraising is not a solution.

SUSTAIN is a multi-year program that gives nonprofit organizations the tools to shift its revenue model from reliance on donations to sustainable earned income.


When you participate in The SUSTAIN Journey, we ...

    • bring the process
    • do the heavy lifting
    • surround you with a team to support the work

Specialized teams lead nonprofits through an innovative structured program.

Together nonprofits discover, test, and implement sustainable business models.

Our approach mobilizes a whole community of people, capacities, and resources to support the creation of new long-term business models for the nonprofit.

One-on-one guidance provides needed support.

The program includes a structured process, project management, and recommendations for capital development.

Each organization works at its own pace.  One-on-one coaching helps leaders tackle challenges.


A foundation sponsors a cohort of four nonprofit organizations


The nonprofit leader commits time each week to work on the project


Community members work together to help develop ideas, test concepts, and pilot the new business

The overall impact to our community has been to create a buzz of excitement about what the potential of this effort can bring to not only the nonprofit, but to our entire community by way of economic development and a feeling of progressiveness.

Kathy Laster, Ph.D., MBA

President/CEO, Avedis Foundation